Is Online Gambling Legal?


Online Gambling

Whether online gambling is legal or not depends on the jurisdiction of the player. In the United States, gambling is largely governed by state law. However, federal law can be used as a back-up in certain cases. States have also expressed concerns about the use of the internet to introduce illegal gambling into their jurisdictions.

Gamblers from different cultures participate in online gambling at varying levels of involvement. Young people are particularly likely to engage in Internet gambling. However, Internet gambling can contribute to gambling disorders in a variety of ways. Research and regulation must continue to explore the effects of Internet gambling on the health of gamblers. Although online gambling is a great way to make money, it can also lead to a problem.

In the 1990s, online gambling was popular and many believed that it was an end-run around government control. With an internet connection, anyone with a computer and a credit card could easily access online gambling sites and place wagers. Congress and the Department of Justice have explored ways to regulate online gambling. As of today, only about 15 percent of Internet users consider online gambling to be more addictive than land-based gambling.

Gambling laws differ in every state. These laws govern where, how, and who can gamble. In some states, gambling is legal for those over age 21, while in other states it is restricted to certain age groups.